What is Cancer & Breast Surgery Massage?find times to relax and be peaceful with breast cancer for better healing

It is a massage that benefits women who have undergone mastectomy and other breast surgeries, such as:

• augmentation • reduction
• implantations • explantation


Whether cosmetic or life-saving, breast surgery may cause swelling or edema, as well as contribute to sore, achy muscles. Massage is the natural way to healing.


A Team Effort

We take a personalized interest in your healing and recovery. Working with your doctor is important for this process to be successful. Your treatment course and progress are monitored and adjusted as needed. While a prescription is not required, it is recommended. Insurance may apply, depending on your coverage.


What are the Benefits of Cancer & Breast Surgery Massage?

• Provide relaxation • Reduce stress
• Reconnect a woman with her entire body • Alleviate post-operative discomforts
• Ease sore & tight neck, shoulder & back muscles • Remove harmful toxins
• Reduce swelling & edema • Prevent & reduce scar tissue
• Increase range of motion & mobility of the shoulder • Boost the immune system
• Increase blood, oxygen & lymph circulation • Promote easier, more rapid healing
• Learn self-care • AND it feels great!

Gift Certificates are available for home or office visits.

Presentations Available.