Alice Kenly, LMT is affiliated with the following organizations.

These affiliations are resources for more information.


Local Affiliations

Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage

Affiliation: Onondaga-School-of-Massage-logoFounded by Douglas Van D’Elia and Elizabeth Goldenberg in February 1997, the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage is committed to providing training in the science of massage; with the intent of graduating exceptionally trained, high quality massage therapists. OSTM’s primary goal is to prepare students to meet or exceed the requirements for the New York State licensing exam in massage therapy.

OSTM strives to make massage services accessible in a variety of settings. The school provides a safe, professional setting for the public to experience massage and learn about its benefits, while maintaining a continuing-education program and resource center for licensed massage therapists.

State University of New York at New Paltz

At SUNY Paltz, the learning atmosphere has an air of an imaginative inquiry that bridges all academic endeavors. The faculty encourages students to question, experiment, and discover in ways that lead to innovative thinking.


Mohawk Valley Business Women’s Network

The Mohawk Valley Business Women’s Network is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs by providing opportunities to enhance their unique strengths. This is achieved by sharing their business experiences and knowledge through regular meetings, a strong network of professional contacts, educational opportunities, and ongoing support. The success of the members will continually be celebrated.


National Affiliations

Upledger Institute

Affiliations: Upledger InstituteThe Upledger Institute is a health resource center dedicated to the advancement of complementary and innovative techniques. It’s recognized worldwide for its groundbreaking continuing-education programs, clinical research and therapeutic services.

Since 1985, patients and healthcare professionals have trusted its gentle therapies and benefited from its personalized solutions to better health.


National Association of Massage Therapists


National Women’s History Museum

The Museum researches, collects and exhibits the contributions of women to the social, cultural, economic and political life of our nation in a context of world history. The Museum will use innovative and engaging means including permanent and online exhibits, educational programs, and outreach efforts to communicate the breadth of women’s experiences and accomplishments to the widest possible audience. The sharing of this knowledge will illuminate and encourage women and men, people of all classes, races and cultures to move into the future with respect, equal confidence, greater partnership, and opportunity.